The man who created Trišić Winery

Momčilo was among the pioneers of Serbian engineering having left his mark in distant countries spreading the
fame of national knowledge and value. He then decided to apply his accrued experience in his native country,
doing so by creating a very successful company, which he left to his successors upon retirement.

For our story, it is crucial that as a proud husband, father and grandfather, he succeeded, through the
restoration of the traditional vineyard, to reconnect his descendants with the bygone era when their ancestors
grew grapes and made red wine, proudly served at their family patron feast day of St. Tryphon.

Days, years, and some decades passed from when he first envisaged his dream of a vineyard until the day he
planted the first grape-vines on his ancestral estate in 2008. In the meantime, that plantation matured in the
shadows of the centennial oak grove, which forms a protective arch above Triša’s vineyard.

Thanks to its founder and his harmonious team, whose backbone is made of the immediate and extended
families, Trišić Winery has become a synonym for supreme quality domestic wines in a relatively short time.