Tradition & Dedication & Technology

Choosing the appropriate land for the vineyards is one of the key points to making superior quality wine. In the case of Trišić Winery, the search was actually a “return to the roots”, because the most modern agrotechnology confirmed that our winery’s ancestors have, grown, for generations, vines on the land which has all the predispositions to provide good quality of fruit that can be utilized for superior quality wine. Therefore, we followed expert advice in selecting the top varieties of vines most suitable for the given land, just as the best seeders of those varieties.

The very process of wine production in Trišić Winery is organized with full dedication and an impeccable application of the highest quality of standards in all aspects of protectione and care for the vineyards, manual pruning and harvesting, proper storage, up to the verywine-making through employing innovative technology and the latest know-how.

In this context, we enable the picky connoisseurs of Serbian wines to experience the full authenticity and strength of the tradition in which our superior wines were created. With this in mind,our wines “rest in peace”, up to three years in superior barrique barrels, which are made according to contemporary world technology, but from wood that grew, came to age and was processed exclusively in our country.